We are Hungry, An Invitation:

Alyson and I met in 2011 while attending the Atlantic Acting Conservatory in New York City. Towards the end of our 2 year stint at school we began flirting with the idea of starting our own theatre company. We were noticing so many complacent and mediocre productions both as audience members and as participants. Our expectations were high and not many productions were meeting it. We didn't want to lower our expectations. We didn't want them to win. We felt something had to be done. We wanted great art. We wanted great theatre. The kind that "wows". The kind that really strikes your soul. The kind people remember.
It took another year of thought and planning before we would fully embrace the idea of starting the company. We needed an outlet to express our feelings, our ideas, our beliefs. We were so displeased with the climate that the best way to express our discontent and our hopes was to put our voice out to the public. To start a company we believed in. We wanted a theatre company that aligns to our aesthetics, our beliefs, our hearts, and our dreams.
We are guided by many inspirations. We have a tendency to look back in time. We want to follow the greats before us. We want to "wow" you. We want to get to your soul. We want to be remembered. With the fleeting existence of life, I want to die knowing my existence lived in you.

My mother once said that "You won't get fat if you don't eat".
That's right. The tiger is hungry.

Larry Bao
Chicago, IL