Who We Are

Larry Bao
(Founder, Artistic Director, Financial Manager)
Larry Bao is a playwright, actor, director, and filmmaker currently living in Los Angeles. Born in China, he moved to America at the age of 3 with his parents. He has lived in many places throughout his life, from Illinois to Kansas. He has witnessed many cultures because of this. Being a descendant of Chinese parents being raised American, he has been in search for an identity. He has always wondered where he belongs. He has felt prejudice and he has felt love from all people of all sorts. He was frustrated and lost. Theatre and film is where he has felt most at home. It's a community with a focus, to create great art. He found where he belonged.

Read a review of We Will Prevail, which made a world premiere at The Tank Theater in New York City.



Alyson Calder
(Founder, Artistic Director, General Manager)
Alyson has always been a lover of art and finding ways of expressing herself with it, whether it be acting, dancing, music, writing, or photography. She knew at a very young age that she wanted to be an actor, but it was a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest she saw at the age of 8 that changed her view of art and humanity. Being constantly sick in her early years, she grew up thinking she was the only one who felt pain, that she wasn't normal because everyone around her was so happy. Until her acting teacher invited her to see him in The Tempest. It was this play that showed Alyson she wasn't alone. To see these characters fully express themselves and not hide from the emotions they were feeling changed her. It made her understand that it was okay to feel however she felt, because she was human. Ever since then, Alyson has made it a goal to bring that aspect into her work. She is excited to be joining Larry on this new adventure, and bringing their passion for art to you. Visit her website at alysoncalder.com