A Long Time Comin'

Larry Bao here. Lots have happened since the end of our very first production, Land of Plenty. I want to take this time to thank everyone who have been an integral part of the production. We are very small company and every person counts. The support from everyone has been great and I couldn't thank these guys enough! There were many issues needing to be solved and the people who stuck through made it all happen the way it was meant to happen.

Thank you Crew: Erin Ohland, Cat Davis, Moriah Turner!

Thank you Actors: Shannon Huneryager, Michael Rawlins, John Morrison, August Lysy, Alyson Calder!

Thank you Team: Paul Zdon, Angela Sibille, Paul Hovey!

Thank you Raven Theatre for housing us!

And anyone else I forgot!!

Thank you!!!!

Our new "Cindy"!

The Theatre!!

When it comes to the theatre, anything can happen!
We had to postpone our preview and opening a week because of complications.
We will take the challenge and rise above!
Nothing is greater of an ally than immediacy and urgency!

We have 2 new actors filling in for the production.

First, meet Shannon Huneryager, our new "Cindy"! She's rockin' it with only 2 weeks til opening! (OMG two weeks!!!!)

Already we have new energy and excitement for the show!
Come see what happens ;)

Check back soon to meet our new "Bernie"!

Meet The Designers!

Meet our Designers Kat Davis, Erin Ohland, and Moriah Turner!

Kat is our lighting designer, Erin is our set designer, and Moriah is our costume designer!

Kat Davis, Erin Ohland, Moriah Turner [L-R]

Kat Davis, Erin Ohland, Moriah Turner [L-R]

We're so happy to have these lovely ladies join us on this journey!

Posing for prom. Kat Davis (Lights), Alyson Calder (Co-Artistic Director), Erin Ohland (Set), and Moriah Turner (Costume) [L-R]

Posing for prom. Kat Davis (Lights), Alyson Calder (Co-Artistic Director), Erin Ohland (Set), and Moriah Turner (Costume) [L-R]

They are wonderful people and we are already having fun :)


I swear we are working too!


But always have fun at work :D


Land of Plenty July Workshop!

In July, we had the help of some wonderful actors who participated in our workshop of Land of Plenty!
Lots were learned. Fun was had!
Many thanks to the actors! You are an integral part of the process. Thank you!

Photos taken by Paul Zdon