Our Philosophy

All great art in its core is entertaining. If it's not entertaining then you might as well go home. We believe our stories must be entertaining to watch. It might provoke or question, but our first mark is to entertain. We believe that to do this successfully we must work with intellect, diligence, and passion. Our stories must supply meaning through congruent logic in action, rhetoric, rhythm, gestures, and physicality.

Our Promise

We want the audience to leave with something dear. A feeling. An image. A line. Something. Something significant that will be remembered. But it must correlate to the story being told.
We aim to evoke feelings from the audience based on the actions of the characters in the story. We aim to evoke emotions rooted in the story. The story is king in our theatre.
We would love to leave the audience contemplating, thinking, reflecting on their own lives. But that is up to them.

Our Actions

We must tell the truth the best we can.


We believe that the great purpose of art is to reveal the truth. Truth, our truth, human truth, is understanding the gamut of our human nature. Truth expresses our nature. Truth expresses our limitations and our fortitude.

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