TIGER IN THE BUSH was co-founded by Larry Bao and Alyson Calder in Chicago, IL. A new itinerant theatre and media production company based in Los Angeles, CA, whose purpose is to reveal the truth of human nature through storytelling.

Where does the name TIGER IN THE BUSH come from?

Logos: Paul Zdon

Logos: Paul Zdon

200,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens were still a part of the unforgiving food chain. It was a time our ancestors lived in great fear. They were fearful of creatures stronger than them. They were fearful of attack, knowing that it lead to immediate demise. Mouths, larger. Bite, mightier. Teeth, sharper. It was a time where life ended by the jaws of another.
Life was surrounded by the unknown. Something was always lurking, waiting for the right opportunity to feed. A tiger in hiding. Hiding in the bush. Ready to pounce, ready to attack. In any moment... Death.
Extinction was plausible.

As scary as this may have been, our species remain.
How could they beat the odds?
With great complex brains, our great ancestors exercised their instincts unlike any other. It was their willingness to survive which made them survive.
Fear ignited their instincts and their instincts bore courage. Courage which aided in their survival.
Their fear was a call to action. "I will not die today" could have been their mantra.

Jump cut to now. Our modern world. Our intellect grew. We have cleverly escaped the food chain, that cycle of fear which once haunted our ancestors for thousands of years. We go about our day without the suffer of knowing there's a tiger in the bush.
Yet, we are still the children of our ancestors. The thing which our ancestors once exercised constantly, still lives within us. Their genes passed down to us. Our ancestors, ever vigilant, survive within us.
These feelings are silently waiting to be released. Present in our dreams, in our nightmares, in our anger. Our body still responds to stimulus the way our ancestors have. Their behavior, their DNA, their instincts, within us. Lying dormant until it is unleashed.
We believe that theatre is a place where people go to exercise these instincts.
Our theatre is a place where we will exercise these ancestral feelings.
TIGER IN THE BUSH bore from this concept, a reminder of our origins.